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*graaah* today was the first school day and it was horrible. The whole day started horrible. I DROWNED my camera...ah fuck. I spilled 1 liter water in my bag...i just stepped out of the house and then i suddenly saw that my bag is wet...everything was swimming in there, my passport, the money *lol* and *snif* the it's not working anymore crap crap crap. so i've lost my camera and the water (it was already 30 degrees) in the afternoon i went to this camera shop and they said i should try to dry it but they don't think it will work...and to get a new one would cost me about 300 dollars. crap. but otherwise the day was ok. i met a looot of new nice people. i met 6 swiss people (unfortunately only one is in my course) and we needed to do this 2 hour test to test if we are in the right level, it turned out i'm good enough for cae;-) uh and the best part of it, i met the cutest guy i've ever seen;-) he's in my course and he's from stockholm and he is really h.o.t. but unfortunately every girl in the course fell in love with him *lol* so i won't. but i met a nice brasilian girl, she showed me where everything was and she's really funny (yeah she fell in love with the hot guy *lol*)
sooo now i "should" do some homework...but yeah....never mind that *lol*
uh and this lady, our teacher, keeps telling how haaaaard this course is gonna be and blabla, we will see;-)
so love you all and miss you all guys
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first updates;-)

A huge aloha to everyone from brisbane:-)
ok first of all I MISS YOU ALL LIKE HELL *SNIF* *buhuu* *cry* ok...and second: i'm awake now for 45 hours...i couldn't get some sleep in the aeroplane (too much movies in one plane *lol*) and yeah my host mum thought it's better for the jetlack to wait till evening with sleeping so that i get accustomed (please don't mind my writing i can't even spell my name right in this condition) i can feel that my brain is getting slower and slower the longer i stay up. but anyway here the first updates;-) on the flight from zh to dubai i sat next to a really hot guy *sabber* but not as hot as the movies i could choose *sabber* (i've seen about 7 movies on my trip, not counting the series i've seen like futurama,scrubs,two and a half man and how i met your mother) unfortunately the flight to dubai lasted only 5 hours and then i haven't seen this guy anymore; from dubai to singapore and then till brisbane i sat next to a fat guy that needed one and a half seat (yeah the other half was from MY seat) anyway actually i would have been sitting next to a really nice woman from south africa but then a girl asked me if i would change place with her so she could sit with her other friend...of course i told yes, i mean i don't mind i'm traveling alone anyway...that was before i saw the fat goodbye nice old lady and hello mr.i need your seat as well guy. Soo finally i landed in brisbane and the travel agency in eberg arranged a car that would drive me to my host family (it actually was a limo, no kiddin) soo and now to my host family, they are quite nice, got a huge house and a pool and a home cinema; they are italian and both well nourished *haha* and they try to feed me like my mother tries to feed steffi;.-) so i will return with plus 10 kilos i guess;-) and yeah they got that son (he is 4) and he is *grraa* yeah in the afternoon we went with him to a circus (there i was up 40 hours) and yeah...the family is the opposite of me, they go to bed at 8 and get up at 5 *lol*...hellooo that's the time i go to bed not up. but anyway at least i found the way to brisbane (for all those who bet against me *pah*) *lol* yeah....i probably should go to bed now because i've never in my whole life been so long up like that.
love you all
and best greetings from australia
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Actually I didn't want to publish that poem but now I publish it for all those who have felt it happen. One of the things I can't understand in the world is how you can be able to break or forget a friendship, I mean how can you live without it? How can you be able to live without someone knowing you? How can you live without someone beeing able to help you? And how on earth are you able to forget all those things? I really hope something like that doesn't happen to all of you and I hope to those it happend it won't happen again.

Disappearing Dust


You’re gone and all you leave behind is painful dust

My biggest mistake was to give you my trust

To let you into my wounded heart

That was falling apart


You’re disappearing and all you leave behind is a shadow

Our friendship that is nothing more than hollow

After all those years I can’t forget it

That’s the worst part of it


You’re gone and all you leave behind is a confused mind

My biggest mistake was to let you be part of my mind

You tread me with your feet and you can’t see

You haven’t deserved me

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trip to heidelberg

soooo finally i'm in engelberg again:-) my trip to heidelberg was where shall i start? oki the whole trip started with me sitting in the car realizing that i was still wearing my pijama was that about me being so clumsy..anyway so after that we were driving about 4 hours in that car with a lot of old people...all of them were about 70 years old except my mum and me and some other people (defenitely the minority) and i have to say i haven't slept the night before so i found it all veeery funny *lol* the christmas market wasn't that convincing...for my taste, but the town itself was absolutely beautiful; there i've been in the coolest bookshop ever, it was some kind of antique shop, the walls were full of books and not just one wall...every wall, and not only the wall there were a lot of tables overflowed with books...and there was not only one floor...there were THREE floors...full of was so overwhelming, it felt like you went in a fairy land and after visiting you can't remember how long you've been there, just awesome! soo and the next day i was visiting with my mum the famous castle of heidelberg, it was sooooo huge and absolutely beautiful there i've seen the one and only goethe bank where the master himself (once upon a time) sat, and i've also seen a bridge where hölderin once wrote a was fascinating:-) the next trip is already planned, i'm going to stockholm with steffi...damnit i'm so broke *lol* so viel zum thema i shouldnt spend that much money...well well never mind..i only live once:-) and i love to travel so why not living the life i love? ohh and you know what suxxs? i have to work on christmas and on the 31st...but only till 6 (at least) so i can still eat dinner and go party with all of you:-)
greez doniela calimero de cristo (noo i'm not tired at all nooo*lol*)
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oki i'm defenitely the most chaotic human being i know; so yesterday was one of the worst days ever; i went to this info veranstaltung at phz...i started drawing on a sheet after 15 minutes...a bad sign, so it was rather disappointing and i somehow realised its not really the right thing for me...strange because i wanted to become a teacher since i can think *lol* so it made me kinda sad, because i have once again no idea what to do with my life; but enough of the chaotic part...i had fucking 3 HOURS to get from lucerne to engelberg...try that dude...oki i had to wait in lucerne for about 50 minutes, because i just missed the train to engelberg...oki so i waited freezing my ass off, then it said on the information bord the train goes till dallenwil and then via bus to engelberg...oki no problem, i sat in the train listening to music and hergiswil the train stopped and nearly everybody got out except for me and some indian guys; apparently they said via radio that we need to get out of that train because of working stuff on the rails (hergiswil till dallenwil) and that we need to get on "ersatzbusse" oki...fine...only that i haven't heard anything. So after some minutes i noticed that it said the train goes back to lucerne..*fuck* so i had just time to grab my stuff and get out of that i had to wait in hergiswil another 40 minutes till a bus should go to stans...fine...but where are those fucking my ass was freezing for another half an hour till i found this fucking bus, then in stans haha i had to wait another 30 minutes till another bus would go till engelberg....same old problem where are those nice ersatzbusse...*graaaahhh* so i met another girl with the same problem and together we were able to find these busses...and finally at 12 i was at home...and i went to the trainstation in lucerne at you can imagine that after all that shit my nerves were no good*lol* but well finally stuff like that makes life interesting and yeah i can't deny it...i'm just a huge "tollpatsch" to say it in german....i surely will have a lot of fun trying to find my way in australia *lol*
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A huge aloha to all of you! Last weekend i've been in st. gallen with svenja visiting katrin; the weekend was awesome; we've done a lot of funny stuff (you can read all about this in katrin's lj post *lol*) i still have to send you the pics, by the way, but first i need to transport them to my computer *hüstel* the ones with the kiffercap are absolutely funny:-) so as you might now i'm going to australia on the 1st of january (what a nice day to fly...haha) for 3 months...i'm already looking forward to this...just imagine all those hot surfer guys *lol* and as a friend of mine told me (she already has been in australia) the guys there are absolutely hot and they love to party and apparently they're really open...and love sex *lol* but enough of that (i'll write posts as much as possible during the time in australia) soo on friday it's HALLOWEEEEEEEN *YEEEHAAAA* as you might have noticed, i love halloween:-) this halloween i'm going to basel, although i miss you all girls...i hope we can all meet up again:-) i count on you to party with me on the 31st of december (my last day in switzerland)
by the way: it's unbelievable that they didn't take katrin in this casting...i mean honestly, ive heard her singing and she sings absolutely beautiful, how dare they? her voice is too good anyways for this casting; so don't be sad hon:-)
miss you all
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Hi homies! Sry for my absence...but the work,tv,edward and facebook kept me busy:-) so now i ended up reading all your entries, i had actually to catch up...a month when I am right *lol* so i think i'll start telling a bit myself; as you know i'm still working in the photostudio and as it turned out i can stay there till i will start studying next year(i still dunno what *horrified*), which is great, so i can earn a lot money for travelling (planned is agypt in january, kiev in may or whenever anna has time, and london or florence in november) on thursday there is always salsa night which is always a lot of fun with my friends vreni and romiglia (they're working with me in the photostudio) they are on the same freak level with me *lol* which is a rare thing to find.
I'm already looking forward to halloween (you know i love halloween*lol*) and i will bake a dracula cake:-) steffi, no objection please*lol* soo what else can i say...i love my life as it is now :-)
@steffi: are you joining us on thursday with salsa dancing?
@katrin: how's university? i'm suffering with you, you poor thing...a week or two without horrible:-)
@anna: wazzup with a certain guy?;-) see you tomorrow afternoon, i managed to bake muffins without destroying the kitchen...there are so many muffins, we have to eat a looot tomorrow, shall i bring some movies?
Soo i think i'll go and watch a bit tv:-)
I hope to see you all on halloween*freu*
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Mélodie und der Untergang

After a good old habit of mine..i write poems*lol* here is the newest one:-)!

Mélodie und der Untergang

Ich liebe es dem Klang der Musik, der Stimme zu zuhören
Ich liebe es, einfach nur dir zu gehören
Ich liebe den Tag, verachte die Nacht
Nach all den Fehlern, die wir Menschen gemacht

Ich bewundere die Menschen, ihre Gefühle, ihre Kraft
Doch ich verabscheue ihre Macht
Die Macht zu Terror, Hass und Manipulation
Und die Liebe, die erklärt ihre Kapitulation

Ich achte die Nähe, den Zusammenhalt
Doch ich verachte die innere und äussere Gewalt
Die so schwer ist zu vermeiden
Und sich an dich schleicht so bescheiden

Ich liebe es den wundersamen Geräuschen zu lauschen
Doch ich hasse all die Übel, die sich häufen
Dich nicht mehr zu lieben
Und all die Welten, die sich verschieben
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Aloha homies!

Finally it was first of august:-) so i'll tell you a bit about it; it started in the afternoon: mathild and me ate some delicious bratkäse for lunch and then together with anna we participated to the child games...actually it was just me *lol*;-) then at about 6pm katrin came to my house, we were eating pasta and posing with chocolate and wentworth (here some pics)

I forgot to tell you about my sexy wentworth miller cup:-) my cousin jasmin gave this as a graduation present for me:-)
I'm really happy to have such a great cousin;-)

Then after dinner, katrin, anna, svenja, steffi, mathild and me went to the gangsta village called engelberg*lol*...i'm still hardly notice...well where was I? ahh yeah the some pics:

Here you can see gangsta anna and homie svenja

Anna discussing wildely and Thildi

Haven't I told you I wanted to do all the child stuff on frist of august? I really wanted to have a lampion:-) unfortunately mine crashed after one minute i had it in my hand...*lol*

And here's a picture of Fränzi and Tony my bosses...i have to admit this isn't a really good pic of them..but the chances are very low that they're ever gonna read this journal:-)

Haha and here are some crazy pics...the later the evening, the worse it got:-) besides you know I'm crazy;-)
On the pic from the left: steffi, jaqueline,some crazy girl*lol*, and barbie

big hug for jaye and me

And this is vreni and rolf *lol* (vreni is working also with me in the photostudio, jaye as well, and rolf is working at the ice flyer...or somewhere else too?lol i don't know)

Rolf the ultimate ladykiller(don't worry, he's married and has a child)

Vreni, steffi and me

Jaye, Barbi, and the nose of vreni with some strange guy, who laughed the whole time histerically*lol*

still the same weird guy this time with vreni and me posing for pictures

And here are svenja and mathild

Soo that were at least the censored pictures *lol* later we moved on to spindle and it's not documented anymore on pictures:-) we met also Benj, Franz, Widi, Tabita..actually nearly the whole class. It was really wonderful to see you all again and I hope you all had also such a great first of august.
Miss you all! and now I reaaaally have to go to sleep...i still suffer under a lack of sleep and i have to work *snif*!

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Ciao homies!

Sry I haven't been online for ages, but as you might now I was in Italy:-) it was a lot of are coming....other wise I have to work a lot and i really have not that much free time which suxxs. Today I've seen Steffi after a long time and it was really great to see her again. I really missed you gangsta sister:-) soo i have to go and watch prison break, the end of season 3...which is really sad, i loved prison break, espescially wentworth miller *lol* what i love most about him is not his good looking thing, but he is really intelligent, which is, for my taste, attractive. I'm really looking forward to first of august. A lot of my friends will be there and I can't wait to see them all, even J is coming to eberg, which is really nice. And I even have free on the 2nd of august...which is even greater*lol*! Soo I really have to go..and tomorrow working again..das gurkt mich a *lol* really...i hate it to be busy, i would like to hang around and do nothing:-)
oki goodbye homies, miss you all, see you on 1st of august!

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