June 27th, 2010

doniela i de schuel

Updates from sverige

 Soo here the promised updates: i managed to get to sweden ;-) i was flying to copenhagen, and then took the train to halmstad. copenhagen is such a nice and beautiful city! i had some difficulties finding the right train but in the end i hopped into one and hoped its the right one. turned out to be the right one. yay! i had some really nice company during the 2.5 hour trip to halmstad. some nice old man from south africa was entertaining me. then when i finally got to halmstad emil picked me up from the trainstation and then we had a bbq with the whole family. they are all really nice and apparently glad to have me here:-) we went visiting some relatives, went to the beach, shopping...thats about it. soooo lovely greetings from sweden to you all!