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time for uuuuupdates! i don't even know where to let's see...i was in egypt with my mum and it was really great. i travelled to kairo and luxor and the rest of the time i was lying on the beach eating eating eating. then i started working as a receptionist @ hotel bänklialp. job is ok, it's just a really hard job. basically i work like a slave. i'm not quite sure those working times are legal...i work like 45 hours a week, average, and now during christmas and new year it will be around 50. so that means i start at 7.30 am and finish at 22 pm...nice isnt it? never free time on it is a MIRACLE i can go eating with all of you on the 22nd. i am so happy i dont have to work that evening. well and then there are the other news. since one week i've got a boyfriend. his name is emil and he is from sweden (ok ok i know what you all think now, but he absolutely isnt an asshole like the rest of that nation) he is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. i think i best compare him with...edward? he fucking looks so similiar to that guy that it's creepy, and he is as gentle and caring as he is. sometimes he is a little too shy, but he's got such a beautiful smile. since one week, every free minute we can get, we spend together. (will get difficult now till new year is over...since i have to work nearly ALL the fucking i hope our relationship will survive that) it's also kinda weird being in a relationship...since i haven't really been into one for quite a while. but it's really nice after all that just kissing guys on one night and then never see them again. i think i'm doing the right thing with emil, cus i dont want to be with any other guy than him. we didnt say "i love you" to eachother yet, cus if i say something like that i really have to mean it, and since i only know him since a week i dont feel ready to say that yet. maybe you girls will meet him on the 22nd:-) i keep you updated! but he really keeps me going when work sucks. like today i came home really pissed off, close to crying, and he came over to my place and watched life of brian with me, caressing my back all the time trying to comfort me. how cuuuuute is that? of course i do doubt every once in a while if it's a mistake to give my trust to a guy...don't trust in men...that's better, but i try not to have thoughts like that. i really like him and i want to give him a fair chance! so that's all! miss you all so much and see you on the 22nd!


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