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haha ok for all of you who already know i'm clumsy and all sorts of funny shit is always happening to me...this story you defenitely can add in the top list. so it was first of august, swiss national day, commonly known for getting drunk at this day...and guess who had to work the next day? but anyway i was getting so drunk and after a while i went to toilet with a friend of mine (svenja) one was already occupied, svenja  took the other and so i waited outside, talking to svenja saying stuff like: shiiiiiit i'm so druuuuunk, i don't know how i can work tomorrow and so on...then suddenly the person in the other occupied toilet spoke: daniela? and i was like ohhh fuck who on earth is that? and then ohh guess who stepped out of the toilet? MY BOSS! FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!  come on that's not fair;-) how high is the probability that something like that happens? but it certainly always happens to me...anyway that's what makes life interesting:-)


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