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Alllrighty I know i haven't been posting for aaaages and i am deeply sorry for that! Sooo i gotta catch up a lot (of course i have been reading your posts eagerly) Hmm where to start: my life is basically: working and working and working haha and meeting up with friends. I'm going to Stockholm from the 11th till 16th of june...let's see how that's gonna work out; cus i am pretty much on the way of falling in love with another guy. But i guess he is better than alex anyway; at least he doesnt treat me like an asshole. so let's see.
what else...stephi and me found an appartment in zh, only till january, but hey better than sleeping under the bridge. Ahhh i am sooo looking forward to stockholm:-) all the candy *mhhhm* i will bring you all a bag with candy and chocolate:-) haha btw i have curls now! looks quite funny; just wanted to try out something new.
so hope we can all meet up once. (first of august would be cool)
puss och kram
(haha my swedish is improving)

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