muchtibuchti (muchtibuchti) wrote,

quick update

this is probably going to be the last update for a looong time, i dunno when i will have internet access the next time, cus on sunday i'm off to alice springs (and since it's a desert i pretty much doubt there is much internet) and then for the next 3 days we are in the outback and another 3 days we travel down in a bus to adelaide...then i will stay in adelaide for a day, go to kangaroo island and on the 25th or 26th i will fly back to brisbane, stay there till the 30th and then i'm off to fiji with alex till the 8th of april *wooohooo* we stay two nights for ourselves in fiji and then we join a 7 day tour ...soo i'm pretty stressed right now since this was a quick decision (haha i decided to go to fiji on tuesday) and now a lot of stress was going on...i still have to book all the flights, but the 7 day tour is booked *jeeehaaa* and uhhh holy crap crap crap tomorrow speaking exam and saturday the written parts....and sunday 6 o clock i'm already off to the airport...flight to alice springs is at 8...soo i hope i will find internet soon (haha on fiji half the island doesn't have i really doubt i will be able to update you about alex and me *crap*) i hope it was a good desicion to travel with him...and stay with him on a romantic island...haha
so i will keep you updated as much as possible
cross fingers for me this friday and saturday (fuuuuck it's already tomorrow...crap crap crap i'm so nervous)
miss you all guys
and you know what? i will see you all in 4 weeks:-)
greez dani

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