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wooohooo i diiiid it:-) i jumped out of an aeroplane...14'000 ft. holy crap  i was so scared, but to be honest the scariest part was to be in the aeroplane itself (i was so scared alex had to hold my hand, which was kinda really cute) not jumping out of it (i'm still more scared of aeroplanes) so it was kinda a relief to jump off the aeroplane *lol* the free fall was amazing, but it got awfully cold and the ears started to hurt and you had some difficulites with breathing, but once the parachute was opened it was just beautiful...and you can't imagine the breathtaking it was defenitely worth the 300 dollars, just a once in a life experience;-)
after that we went to a lighthouse ( we walked there like 2 kilometeres..and jupp i got a nice sunburn) the lighthouse is supposed to be the most eastern part of whole australia:-) soooo it was quite an exhausting day
after that we went to the beachhouse drinking a beer and now i have to get ready for going out tonight:-) (although my legs are dying of tiredness
soo i keep you updated about the weekend and check out the pics from skydiving on facebook(i'm uploading them now...could take a while with the awfully slow connection here)
miss you all

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