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Updates from sverige

 Soo here the promised updates: i managed to get to sweden ;-) i was flying to copenhagen, and then took the train to halmstad. copenhagen is such a nice and beautiful city! i had some difficulties finding the right train but in the end i hopped into one and hoped its the right one. turned out to be the right one. yay! i had some really nice company during the 2.5 hour trip to halmstad. some nice old man from south africa was entertaining me. then when i finally got to halmstad emil picked me up from the trainstation and then we had a bbq with the whole family. they are all really nice and apparently glad to have me here:-) we went visiting some relatives, went to the beach, shopping...thats about it. soooo lovely greetings from sweden to you all!
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miauz genauz

 howdy everyone!

i am so sorry for not having posted anything for quite a while...*hüst* but i try to make up for it now :-) one reason for not having posted anything for a while was that my life was pretty uneventful recently. i was working, working, working, skyping, go swimming, jogging...that's about it. so as you see you guys havent missed a lot ;-)
i'm off to sweden next wedensday and im really looking forward to see emil again; but it sucks that i miss katrin and my cousins bday :-( after sweden gurten is coming up and i'm defenitely so looking forward to freakin asia *yeehaa* anyway guys i will keep you updated about my trip to sweden and how everything goes with meeting emil's parents and well the rest of his relatives !
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time for uuuuupdates! i don't even know where to let's see...i was in egypt with my mum and it was really great. i travelled to kairo and luxor and the rest of the time i was lying on the beach eating eating eating. then i started working as a receptionist @ hotel bänklialp. job is ok, it's just a really hard job. basically i work like a slave. i'm not quite sure those working times are legal...i work like 45 hours a week, average, and now during christmas and new year it will be around 50. so that means i start at 7.30 am and finish at 22 pm...nice isnt it? never free time on it is a MIRACLE i can go eating with all of you on the 22nd. i am so happy i dont have to work that evening. well and then there are the other news. since one week i've got a boyfriend. his name is emil and he is from sweden (ok ok i know what you all think now, but he absolutely isnt an asshole like the rest of that nation) he is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. i think i best compare him with...edward? he fucking looks so similiar to that guy that it's creepy, and he is as gentle and caring as he is. sometimes he is a little too shy, but he's got such a beautiful smile. since one week, every free minute we can get, we spend together. (will get difficult now till new year is over...since i have to work nearly ALL the fucking i hope our relationship will survive that) it's also kinda weird being in a relationship...since i haven't really been into one for quite a while. but it's really nice after all that just kissing guys on one night and then never see them again. i think i'm doing the right thing with emil, cus i dont want to be with any other guy than him. we didnt say "i love you" to eachother yet, cus if i say something like that i really have to mean it, and since i only know him since a week i dont feel ready to say that yet. maybe you girls will meet him on the 22nd:-) i keep you updated! but he really keeps me going when work sucks. like today i came home really pissed off, close to crying, and he came over to my place and watched life of brian with me, caressing my back all the time trying to comfort me. how cuuuuute is that? of course i do doubt every once in a while if it's a mistake to give my trust to a guy...don't trust in men...that's better, but i try not to have thoughts like that. i really like him and i want to give him a fair chance! so that's all! miss you all so much and see you on the 22nd!

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Aaaalrighty I know I haven't posted for ages, and I am sorry about that...sooo I try to catch up with some let's see...I quit uni, got a job for winter season (the job is starting in december) and i have my old job till end of october, which gives me one month for traveling. I'm thinking of making either a euro-trip or going back to australia for one month. Soo i don't really have a plan for my life so far. First I was really pissed not having a clue what to do with my life...but hey,  i think it's not so bad for a change...not knowing what to do. I found an old folder on my computer with long forgotten poems and stuff I once wrote. And that's where I suddenly got across this:

Fragen eines Engels


„Vermagst du mir die mächtigste aller Mächte nennen?

Vermagst du mir die zerstörerischste von ihnen nennen?

Diejenige, die alle in den Schatten stellt?

In der alles andere den Ursprung findet?“

Fragte der kleine Engel Gott. Gott antwortete:

„Die mächtigste Macht, mein kleiner Engel, sind die Worte. In ihnen ist die ganze Macht vereint. Nur ein paar wenige von ihnen vermögen einen Menschen zu zerstören, nur ein paar wenige vermögen Liebe offenbaren.“

Der kleine Engel war erstaunt.

Wie viel Wut und Trauer doch auf der Welt waren, verursacht durch Worte. Wäre es da nicht einfacher die Menschen würden verstummen?

Da fragte der kleine Engel: „ Was aber ist mit den körperlichen, gewaltsamen Mächten, die einen Menschen heimsuchen? Vermögen diese ihn nicht auch zu zerstören?“

Da antwortete Gott: „Mein lieber kleiner Engel, über die Macht der Seele musst du noch so einiges lernen. Denn egal wie viele Verletzungen einem Menschen von aussen zugefügt werden, vermögen sie die Seele nur erreichen, wenn diese es zulässt. Obschon die Verletzungen Spuren hinterlassen, hat allein die Seele die Kraft und Macht sie zu zulassen und zu beseitigen.

Worte aber, mein kleiner Engel, dringen tiefer in das Reich der Seele als es Schläge jemals tun werden können. Unterschätze niemals die Macht der Seele. Sie ist unberechenbar, allmächtig.“

Der kleine Engel war ganz verwirrt nach all diesen Worten. Doch eines wurde ihm klar, nämlich zu wählen seine Worte in Zukunft vorsichtiger, denn ihre Macht ist nicht zu unterschätzen.

I really have forgotten that I wrote that's weird to find stuff like that...but anyway, i thought you might wanna read it:-)
take care!
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haha ok for all of you who already know i'm clumsy and all sorts of funny shit is always happening to me...this story you defenitely can add in the top list. so it was first of august, swiss national day, commonly known for getting drunk at this day...and guess who had to work the next day? but anyway i was getting so drunk and after a while i went to toilet with a friend of mine (svenja) one was already occupied, svenja  took the other and so i waited outside, talking to svenja saying stuff like: shiiiiiit i'm so druuuuunk, i don't know how i can work tomorrow and so on...then suddenly the person in the other occupied toilet spoke: daniela? and i was like ohhh fuck who on earth is that? and then ohh guess who stepped out of the toilet? MY BOSS! FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!  come on that's not fair;-) how high is the probability that something like that happens? but it certainly always happens to me...anyway that's what makes life interesting:-)

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quick updates!

Sooo i arrived in stockholm and everything is absolutely great. i dragged alex to all kinda museums, the weather is shit (what a surprise) but only bad thing: all my money and credit cards were stolen soooo fuuuck! at least i still have my passport so i cant complain. should go to bed now:-) ha det bra!
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Alllrighty I know i haven't been posting for aaaages and i am deeply sorry for that! Sooo i gotta catch up a lot (of course i have been reading your posts eagerly) Hmm where to start: my life is basically: working and working and working haha and meeting up with friends. I'm going to Stockholm from the 11th till 16th of june...let's see how that's gonna work out; cus i am pretty much on the way of falling in love with another guy. But i guess he is better than alex anyway; at least he doesnt treat me like an asshole. so let's see.
what else...stephi and me found an appartment in zh, only till january, but hey better than sleeping under the bridge. Ahhh i am sooo looking forward to stockholm:-) all the candy *mhhhm* i will bring you all a bag with candy and chocolate:-) haha btw i have curls now! looks quite funny; just wanted to try out something new.
so hope we can all meet up once. (first of august would be cool)
puss och kram
(haha my swedish is improving)
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quick update

this is probably going to be the last update for a looong time, i dunno when i will have internet access the next time, cus on sunday i'm off to alice springs (and since it's a desert i pretty much doubt there is much internet) and then for the next 3 days we are in the outback and another 3 days we travel down in a bus to adelaide...then i will stay in adelaide for a day, go to kangaroo island and on the 25th or 26th i will fly back to brisbane, stay there till the 30th and then i'm off to fiji with alex till the 8th of april *wooohooo* we stay two nights for ourselves in fiji and then we join a 7 day tour ...soo i'm pretty stressed right now since this was a quick decision (haha i decided to go to fiji on tuesday) and now a lot of stress was going on...i still have to book all the flights, but the 7 day tour is booked *jeeehaaa* and uhhh holy crap crap crap tomorrow speaking exam and saturday the written parts....and sunday 6 o clock i'm already off to the airport...flight to alice springs is at 8...soo i hope i will find internet soon (haha on fiji half the island doesn't have i really doubt i will be able to update you about alex and me *crap*) i hope it was a good desicion to travel with him...and stay with him on a romantic island...haha
so i will keep you updated as much as possible
cross fingers for me this friday and saturday (fuuuuck it's already tomorrow...crap crap crap i'm so nervous)
miss you all guys
and you know what? i will see you all in 4 weeks:-)
greez dani
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wooohooo i diiiid it:-) i jumped out of an aeroplane...14'000 ft. holy crap  i was so scared, but to be honest the scariest part was to be in the aeroplane itself (i was so scared alex had to hold my hand, which was kinda really cute) not jumping out of it (i'm still more scared of aeroplanes) so it was kinda a relief to jump off the aeroplane *lol* the free fall was amazing, but it got awfully cold and the ears started to hurt and you had some difficulites with breathing, but once the parachute was opened it was just beautiful...and you can't imagine the breathtaking it was defenitely worth the 300 dollars, just a once in a life experience;-)
after that we went to a lighthouse ( we walked there like 2 kilometeres..and jupp i got a nice sunburn) the lighthouse is supposed to be the most eastern part of whole australia:-) soooo it was quite an exhausting day
after that we went to the beachhouse drinking a beer and now i have to get ready for going out tonight:-) (although my legs are dying of tiredness
soo i keep you updated about the weekend and check out the pics from skydiving on facebook(i'm uploading them now...could take a while with the awfully slow connection here)
miss you all
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super duper quick updates

ahhh i can't believe it..tomorrow i'm going to jump off a fucking aeroplane...4000m...ahhh fuuuck:-) i have to get up at 4.30:-( then have to take a taxi to the city and then we still have to drive 2 hours to byron bay but when everything is going alright we should be able to jump at 10 (hopefully the weather is good)
otherwise we got the results from our mock exam 2 (i got 81%over all so jeeehaaa already and A...hopefully its going to be that good at the real exam)
so i update you tomorrow about skydive and my life;-)